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Which airsoft P90 is that? There are probably several brands

Someone I know, not me of course, got a Tokyo Marui P90TR while waiting for the PS90's to come out. He got it at PoweredgeUSA for about $230.

Tokyo Marui is one of the better airsoft makers. The TM P90TR is a couple of pounds lighter than a PS90 and not nearly as solid feeling. It comes with a 70 round magazine that has pretty realistic fake bullets molded inside. You can get a 300 round magazine, but it is all see through without the fake bullets.

My friend says nothing is better for getting squirrels off of his bird feeder :D

Here is a pic:


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It's an el cheapo Wells $29

I can't get the actual link to the product to work
but goto www.AirSplat.com and search for P90
Well P90 Red Dot Airsoft Electric Gun
Price: $28.95
Item Code ER-D-90HSL
Weight 4.50LB
Stock Yes
Model P90 LPEG AEG Airsoft Gun
Manufacturers: Well
Categories Entry Level Electric Airsoft Rifle LPEG

- Automatic Airsoft AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) Rifle
- 200 fps (0.12 g BB)
- Battery and Charger Included
- Integrated RIS
- Tactical Flashlight Illuminator
- Red Dot Scope Included
- Safety Eye Wear Goggles Included
- Hi-Cap Mag: 400 Rounds
- Perfect Entry Level AEG
- Made in China

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I have this one, but the red-dot and the light both showed up damaged. But for the cash I spent on it, < $50 with shipping, it isn't worth trying to get it fixed.

It was fun, and held me for a few months until the real one got here.


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I have a Glock 18 replica...and it is damn cool! Cyclic rate is very fast and with a 30 round mag its impressive indeed. It uses Green Gas and the slide recoils for each shot. In full auto its like 800 rounds per minute. Kicks a bit too...hehehe
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