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Well, I went to a Sarah Palin rally. Boy was it a treat. The lines were VERY long. We got there about 2 hours before Sarah spoke. I have been at political rally events before. Some Democratic ones in fact. Never have I observed "protestors" at a Democratic rally against the democratic candidate.

Well, the favor is NOT returned for the Republican events apparently

First Protesting Photo

Second Protesting photo

The event arena holds some 5,000 seats, I bet there were twice that many in line....but across the street were about 100 Obama supporters. Probably not all Democrat, and probably not a representative of the Democratic party as a whole, but boy were they rude.

Granted, they have the right to protest... assuming they had a permit. Granted it is not illegal for them to "protest" a candidate. But was it appropriate for them to do so? Do the Obama rally events have protestors? I haven't observed any in the past Democratic events.... is this still the case now? Shouldn't they have their OWN rally? Must they come to an event where the republicans in my area are having a meeting? The whole thing just seemed so highly inappropriate. I couldn't believe all that ensued.

So for about the first hour of waiting this crowd of Obama supporters chanted "John McCain, more of the same" or "Obama, Obama", and several other chants. I forget what they all were.

After the first hour of heckling passed, the people standing in line had enough. When the Obama supporters started chanting "John McCain, more of the same" the crowd for the Palin rally started chanting:

"John McCain, more of the same!"

Wow was that hilarious. Everyone in line was laughing out loud with the turnabout on that one. It wasn’t long after that this guy arrived with a "NOBAMA" sign. I don’t think he ever got in the rally.

Nobama Sign

...and a chant of “NOBAMA” ensued. I think there was a "USA, USA, USA!" chant and a "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!" chant that followed. That about ended the heckling from the crowd of 100. It wasn't long after that we were inside.

Once inside it was readily apparent that there were a lot of cute girls in attendance. Here are some:

She arrived on time and went up on stage. She spoke a good bit about Abortion and some other issues. She didn't address troopergate. I thought she might say something about it, but alas, nope. Much like the John Kerry rally there was posturing and marketing. I distinctly remember hearing some bold-faced lies from Kerry during his rally.... there weren't any bold-face likes as-such from Palin's mouth during her speech... but again she didn't speak about troopergate. so perhaps while that isn't a bold-face lie she chose to ignore a hot topic.

I was something like 10 feet from the podium. As you can tell I take terrible photos.

Sarah on Stage

Afterwards she came to the crowd and shook hands and signed stuff. Her daughter Peiper (and one of her big sisters) were handing out stickers that said "Vote for Peiper's Mom". The daughters were very impressive kids. They really seem to have their wits about them.

Handing out Peiper's Mom Stickers

It was all over and we were on the road homebound at 11:20 or so. Quite a blast. I would go to another rally again, especially a Democratic one, just to see what all goes on…. And if there are hecklers. No matter your candidate or passion for the election, I would strongly suggest you go to one. You will not be disappointed. It will change your impression of things.

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I moved this from the Freestyle area.

Looks like a good turn out.

The Dems really hate Palin. They always want to talk about keeping an open mind and tolerance...
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