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Pelican case question

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I have a question on layout for my ps90 and a pelican case. I'm looking somewhat more compact. i see a lot use the 1495, and disassemble the upper and lay the gun flat. I see some can get the gun and maybe a mag flat. hat i was thinking, was getting a pelican storm im2600. Its roughly the same inner dimensions as the 1495, but over twice as thick. I have a unused one and was thinking of dissembling the upper/lower, cutting through all three layers of and placing the gun in upright. i am seeing i can then place in multiple mags, the gun, a cut out for the sling, and even a side arm. Has anyone every done something similar? Vehicle Yellow Transport Car Automotive exterior
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I haven't seen anyone do it but it seems reasonable. I'm a little more difficult than most so I would probably cut the upper and lower pieces in half after the initial cut to protect everything. I wouldn't be comfortable with the firearm or other pieces directly on the case. I've built a wire cutter for foam and one you've cut out the foam to go back and cut the pattern in two is not difficult.

Im always looking at getting more into those cases too. The foam is not that expensive and would be worth a try in my opinion. :)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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