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So the question is, are you all getting your cmores or are you all getting screwed? Might be complete honest mistakes but I have seen rebate nightmares. I worked at circuit city customer support for 6 months between army and college and saw them find reasons to not give rebates. a $2000 purchase is a big thing to shaft someone on a rebate.

-edit shortened the rant as to hoping it will be fixed before I rant too much. Did a search on google and heard of people getting them.
I got mine with no problems.

Faxed the pw beginning of Jan and had the sight by the end of Feb.

Call Bob Ailes at FN and ask for his help to resolve this.

FN will NOT screw you. They have the BEST customer service of all the manufactures of firearms that I posses. Like I said, call Bob for help.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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