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All right, finally got this little beasty home. I went with the tri-rail as I like options. I didn't get the best deal as I bought from my usual dealer and the model they had came with a C-More sight already attached. So I guess I'll have 2 once FN sends me the one they are offering. At least one will probably go on Ebay. Or it will go on one of my other picatinny equipped carbines...

I will post pics later this week, I've got a few good bits already in the mail.
- Extra mag
- 30 -> 50 round conversion block
- extended side rails (both from Magazine parts)
- I also picked up a few molle mag carriers
- Oh and I nabbed some velcro from work this week so that is done already. I just did the back though, should I try to do the front on the door?

Next up will be looking at light options and possible green laser.

Also planning on an ERT sling, but was still trying to sort out which pieces I needed to use the sling for both the PS90 and a few others. Like I said I like options. I'm hoping to hit the range with a friend in the next week or two. Still stuck at work tonight or I would have gone to the other range near me and joined tonight so I could go on my own. Will have to wait until January for autonomy like that I guess.

Still thinking about that FiveseveN too, will have to wait and see what my Christmas bonus ends up being...

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