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Pistol shooting on steel

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I posted this on another forum, but thought you might like it.

Ok, so I got my shot timer a while back, but haven't been out to get any video, so, I thought today was as good as any.

These are shot 4 feet apart at 6 yards.

I'm shooting the Kimber Raptor .45 in these video's

In this set, I'm shooting the Glock 32C in 357 Sig. Fast time of the day between both guns was 1.8 seconds from buzzer to 4th round.

Again, please don't try this at home.

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Those plates are specifically designed for shooting even at 6 feet, this was at 6-7 yards. They are indeed angled downwards, are made of hardened steel which basically disintegrates ball or HP ammo.

I was using ball ammo. The .45 was Win Whitebox 230g and the .357Sig was Remington 125g ball.

Thanks for the compliment. I really enjoy shooting, but I really enjoy challenging myself. Shot timers are a great way to increase your speed once you are well practiced in drawing, firing and the like. I've been shooting for a really long time, so if anyone is new to shooting, please make sure to put the time into training slow and smooth first, this type of shooting takes a lot of training and practice.


(I'll post where I got the targets as long as it isn't against the rules, never sure about that rule.)
Just curious, does no one else use video as a training aide or is it just me? It has got to be the single most beneficial training aide I've ever encountered. Plus it's just damn fun and can be used to help people become better shooters.

For instance, my draw is slow as all get out, and I "slap" the pistol on the draw. All things that I need to work on, and something that others may benefit from. So, post up if you got vids, it's a learning experience for everyone, as long as you aren't going all "ninja" and stuff.

1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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