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There are a few front sight posts out there on the market that really scream to be had.
Many of these sight post designs are a direct fit on the AR platform.
I see single rear tritium dots that look like a Heinie straight-8 concept.
I have also seen some really nice front posts that allow a much sharper design for precision with the use of a fast pick-up in day and night.

I'm not claiming to be commando, but I do claim that the sun will fade away to us at night.
The FNH Scar BUIS sights are very dark.

Is there any interest on pulling the 90deg. rear pin to release the factory pivoting aperature, then replace with an aftermarket design?
The whole front sight can be cloned to accept much more out there as well, but a modified pin can be had with less expense if necessary.
The parts do not look that difficult to those "in the know".

2 dots, 4 dot rears, single dot rear apertures etc.
The font pin could be remade to be Scar specific or the whole housing could be fitted.

I'm just dreaming again, but would like to put the idea on paper again.
Ba' humbug!

ML31619-2.jpg ML31618-2.jpg 1899655_267753726733233_637509340_o.jpg 428560.jpg frontsight.jpg
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