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On the Scar17s, What do yall think about the warne ramp mount or getting a ad delta or lt111 larue with a Daniel defense offset for a NF NXS 42mm with a Trijicon rm07? With the lt111 or the ad delta you can put the offset mount at the front of the rifle where as the warne ramp the offset comes built onto it and is near the rear sight. I have the optics just looking for combination mounting suggestions from all of yall experienced scar lovers. I know there's a lot of good individual offset mounts (Daniel defense, Trijicon, larue, warne, etc) but would love to hear the combo suggestions. I've read on the forum good things about all three scope mounts but am wondering about red dot mounting location and use.

is the offset better at the front of the rifle or near the back? Do any of you all use a picatinny ring adapter to mount the red dot on the top of the scope? I hear too that it would be tough to use a pistol foregrip when shooting at a canted angle.

Any military or LE people here that knows what is best recommended or used in hog hunting, tactical and/or QCB situations? I want to use the rifle for hog hunting and as a general rifle to have if the very unlikely situation SHTF... The hog hunting would be at both 150+ yards and in the event I stumbled upon one In the woods at close distance.
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