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PMM SCAR 16/17 BCM Mod-0 Grip


Parker Mountain Machine is happy to now offer PMM Modified BCM Mod-0 grips for both the SCAR 16/17 Weapons systems.

PMM Machines the Grip removing just enough material to get the BCM Mod-0 Grip to fit your SCAR while not compromising strength.

No need to modify the Lower of your rifle! Simply remove the standard A2 unit and install the supplied PMM Modified BCM Mod-0 grip, PMM flat washer, supplied bolt and square nut.

Product Features:
Reduced angle for improved ergonomics
Hinged trap door offering storage inside the grip with a water resistant rubber gasket
Each grip includes both an extended modular insert to close the gap between the trigger guard and pistol grip, and a smooth modular insert for use with some rifles with larger built in trigger guards. (user can decide which one to install)
Made in the USA and manufactured from high quality impact resistant polymers.
Test fit to ensure proper function (may display attributes consistent with this QC process)
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