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First let me say the customer service I received from Jarod at Parker Mountain Machine is second to none. I first ordered a Magpul MIAD from him, it just wasn't for me, with no questions asked he replaced the MIAD with a BCM Mod 0 at my request.

If you are trying to decide weather or not to purchase the BCM Mod 0 grip for your SCAR, get one! The grip angle of the Mod 0 is perfect for SCAR in my opinion, grip is well made and very comfortable in hand. The grip is just the right size and very ergonomic allowing all controls to be accessed effortlessly. Grip Texture is positive but not overly rough. To me the weapon seems to handle better with the BCM grip. I was skeptical about the reduced grip angle but I am now a believer it really makes a noticeable positive difference in the feel of the weapon and how it handles.

Thanks again to Jarod for selling an excellent product and outstanding customer service. If looking for a SCAR grip I highly recommend Parker Mountain Machine they make a great product and back it up with quality service and support.

PMM SCAR 16/17 BCM Mod-0 Grip - Parker Mountain Machine


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