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Gents, As some of you may know I had posted some images of a Barrel Cut,Crown,Thread job I did on a PMM SCAR 16s and several members were wondering about the accuracy of doing this to an existing barrel and if the weapon would cycle properly.

Weapon Info:
SCAR 16s W/ PMM/CQC 10.5"-1:7 Twist cut,crowned,Threaded Barrel.
PMM B.C.D, Selector Leveres LH&RH QD mounts,KeyMod Rails.and associated furniture.
Geissele Superr SCAR Trigger.
Optic for testing:SWFA 3-15x42 scope

Here is the data collection I did in the last few days.
Wolf 55 Grain Military classic.
Lake City XM855-556 62Gr steel core
PPU Remington 75Gr Match ammo

Weapon Cycle Testing:

In the last three days I have been doing just some standard pinking at my Place to make sure the rile functioned well, After I Machined the barrel I made a jig and mounted several Allen head 316 Stainless set screws and drilled ports in them with various sizes to test the rifle.
Based on some feed back I got from trusted sources the 2.5mm Gas screw was a good place to start and I never changed it as the rifle ran flawlessly suppressed and non suppressed with the exception of 1 FTF while lying prone and resting on the Magpul P-mag Aprox. 500 Rnds were sent through it in three days and based on the data the FTF was a direct result of resting on the mag while shooting.
Gas Screw Port Data:
Factory 16s-1.5mm
PMM 2.0mm SS Gas Screw
PMM 2.5mm SS Gas Screw

The PMM2.5MM gas screw is the option I am going to leave in the weapon as it ran Very well with or with out the GEMTECH installed.

Accuracy Testing :
Ambient Temp: 30-32*F
Distance 150FT-50Yrds

By no means do I consider my self a precision shooter but I do well enough.

The Lake City XM855-556 62Gr steel core performed Well and I attribute the straggler on this target to me, the last shot in the group just did not feel right and I should have reset,granted throughout testing process I did get the occasional Strangler on the target.

PPU Remington 75Gr Match ammo, Constantly Yielded tighter grouping and I never got the occasional straggler using it.

Based on what I saw out of the testing the rifle functioned extremely well and the better ammo showed better results. The PMM.CQC performed well and I am very happy with it.
I will be adding the PMM/CQC SCAR 16S Barrel Service to the site shortly and will include the Barrel Cutting, Crowning & Treading, 2x Gas Screws (2.0mm & 2.5mm) and optional engraving for your upper in the place you choose I did this one on the rail up top as seen below.

Thanks for looking

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Excelent! Any ideas on what you will charge? My stamp should be back in a week or so

PMM/CQC SCAR 16 Service:
Option #1- Cut Barrel, Crown, Thread (includes 2 Stainless Gas screws 2.0mm & 2.5mm) $90.00 + Return Shipping
Option #2- Disassemble complete upper,Cut Barrel, Crown, Thread (includes 2 Stainless Gas screws 2.0mm & 2.5mm) Engrave Upper,Re-assembly upper $165.00+ Return Shipping
PMM Upper engraving service with font of choice $70.00

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