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Hey guys just thought I would let everyone know in the next few weeks I will have the option to purchase any grip available for the standard AR platform for Both the SCAR 16/17 not just the rubberized version. After some R&D work and some jig/engineering development I have come up with a cost effective way to machine the radius on hard plastic Beaver tail/duck tail Equipped grips.

Using my CNC capabilities All AR style grips can now be done by PMM with the same precise finish you have come to expect from any PMM product.

I am making this post to see if there is a general interest in a specific type or style of grip that you guys would be interested in having me add to the PMM site, This way I can order them up accordingly and get them done and shipped out to you.

Below are two images of a standard MIAD 1.1 Gen II grip with the Beaver tail machined and installed on my 16.
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I ordered some grips last week and I received an email saying they shipped, when I track the order, it shows no tracking info....can you check on that for me?
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