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PMM Gen 2 SCAR Selector Levers Are now Available

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Changes to the SSL's are as Follows:

  • .030" Machined boss on the back side of each lever to hole the Tail off the receiver during articulation
  • Revised Depth and Bolt hole diameter on Dimpled version to make them less abrasive to the Non-Machinist handed.
  • All Varieties now available with out the PMM logo
  • Finally a price reduction from 22.50 per unit to $18.00
  • All style available in FDE & Black

Lastly If you have not tried my SSL'S over the others on the market I highly encourage you to do So, they are 2nd to non when it comes to positive safety manipulation as well as increased leverage and ergonomics for the shooter especially when mated with a PMM Modified Grip for the SCAR.
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