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Parker Mountain Machine is proud to offer a low cost and easy Quick Release Sling Mount for your FN Herstal Ps90/p90 PDW.

Taking the existing Frame Hardware counter bored Holes PMM has come up with QD mounting solution that will allow you to mount the PMM Ps90/P90 QD cup in almost any of the frame hardware points on either side of the ps90/p90..

CNC'd in-house out of 1018 Steel then Melonite plated per military standards, this sling mount is a low cost, simple way to improve the operating functions for your ps90/p90 weapon .

Product Features:

  • [*=left]1 PMM Ps90/P90 QD mount
    [*=left]Extra Mounting hardware included for short "mid frame mounting locations"
    [*=left]Limited Lifetime Warranty.
    [*=left]Installation is done in minutes with no permanent modifications to your Ps90/p90.
    [*=left]Available in both a 360* or multi position locking QD mount that minimizes "sling wrap up".
    [*=left]Ultra lite weight design, mount weighs only .32oz with hardware.
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