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After a long time coming PMM is proud to release my Left handed shooters Rear QD mount.
With countless revisions and feed back, PMM opted to design and produce a rear QD sling mount that mounts seamlessly into the LH rear factory sling point using a precisely fitting shoulder bolt that indexes into the factory rear sling mount holes and keep the mount locked in place from moving.

Alright Gents I have official released the PMM LLeft Hand rear QD sling mount,.

Just as the RH units you have the option to purchase either the front,rear or whole kit as one.

Why no option to have the sling mounted with the stock folded?

Faced with coming up with a solution that met the practical requirements of a left handed shooter and still having the stock fold for storage while slung I opted to go the real world route and here is why.
If you are actually using your rifle as a left handed shooter you are not going to be carrying it around on your chest with the stock folded. In my opinion it's in your your best interest to have the rifle as "ready" to go as possible, deploying a folded stock then shouldering it to fire is not ready to go.

Couldn't you have easily just moved the Mount forward or up so it can fold?

Absolutely! However moving the mount forward would add additional stress on the pinch bolt design and moving it up just to clear the stock present a more problematic scenario.
With the rifle slug across your chest in the low ready position and the sling tight you will find the sling contacting your face during in the firing position, keeping the mount as low as possible and tight to the rifle helps mitigate this issue. having it higher only amplifies this issue and could also impede your right eye' in a "both eyes open " shooting situation.
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