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Hey Guy's This is the first of 5 new PMM product launches for this week.

PMM SCAR 16/17 Lower KeyMod Rail Section.


Parker Mountain Machine is proud to now offer the first KeyMod lower replacement panel for both the SCAR 16/17 Weapon systems.

CNC'd in-house out of T6-6061 aluminum then hardcoated per military standards.The PMM Lower KeyMod Panel is a low Profile and lightweight solution to mounting mission essential accessories on the SCAR 16/17.
Product Features:

  • 1x PMM KeyMod Lower Rail Finished in either a Black or FDE 8625 type 3 class 2 industry standard hardcoat.
  • Mounting hardware and locktite 242 included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Installation is simple using the factory intended 1913 lower Rail Mounting points
  • PMM Keymod Lower Panel install in minutes with no permanent weapon modification.
  • Ultra lite weight/Low Profile design
  • PMM KeyMod Panel weighs 2.15 oz W/Hardware and stands only .575" off the bottom of the rifle
  • Stock Aluminum 1913 Rail Weighs 2.90oz W/Hardware and stands 6.90" off the bottom of the rifle
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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