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Authorities Find Million-Dollars Worth Of Drugs In Tucson Stash House
07-09-2008 8:31 AM

(Tucson, AZ) -- Thousands of pounds of marijuana are off the streets after a big drug bust on the West side. The bust occurred at a home near Starr Pass and Greasewood roads around 10 last night. Officers with Tucson Police pulled over a Chevy Avalanche and found about 800 pounds of pot in the vehicle. A short time later, another vehicle was stopped near the first with marijuana inside, and the Counter Narcotics Alliance got involved. A search warrant was executed at the house, where agents found more than three-thousand-pounds of pot. Agents will dispose of the drugs, which have a street value of more than a million dollars. It is unknown how many arrests were made at the house and during the traffic stops.

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