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Hello all, its Pooke (aka HCPookie) (aka the Gimp) lol

I've been lurking for a while and finally signed up to see the "good" stuff. (waves) I think its cool that FN sponsors the site. Very nice indeed. Its great finally getting to see timely information about the FS2000 and SCAR, *AND* a being able to keep up on FNC news.

I still miss my FNC and hope to add one back to my collection sometime. The wife has pretty much claimed the P90 as her own, and those FAL kits laugh at me every time I walk out to the garage with no time to build things. After its all said and done, I plan to have "one each" of the FN models. Yes I like FN toys almost as much as my AK toys :D I'm hoping we can continue to enjoy these freedoms for a long, long time! :?
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