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Effective immediately:

- All new large banners and renewals (150x60 pixel banner on left of main page): $200/year (with your own personal subforum)

- All small banners (80x30 pixel banner on right of main page): $50/year (no personal subforum)

- Rotating banner (300x60 pixel banner that can be seen on EVERY page of the forum): $25/month (maximum of 4 banners in rotating banner- first come first served, with renewals getting first option)

We are not going to allow 1/2 year or other combinations as we have in the past - it creates accounting problems for us.

Checks are payable to Iceline Internet Services LLC. You may still use PayPal if you wish.

Contractual Obligations:
1. Sponsor may withdraw their advertising for any reason at any time. Under this circumstance, NO REFUND will be given whatsoever.

2. FNF may terminate any sponsor at any time for any reason. If the termination is for no reason, FNF will refund a prorated fee back to the sponsor. If the termination is due to willful damages or abuse by the sponsor to our members or the forum or the company, NO REFUND will be given whatsoever.

Both parties agree to safeguard the forum and it's membership, to protect FNF and the sponsor and to do what is commonly appropriate and acceptable.

Best Regards,
IceLine Internet Services LLC
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