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ANIB FNH— PS-90 with OEM Black Reticle sight in an Elite Survival PS-90 case
Located in Deadwood, SD. Click to enlarge, please.
PS-90 in Elite case-a.JPG
8 - 50 rd. OEM mags,
1300+ rds. FN ammo (40Vmax & 27 gr. LeadFree)
Less than 100 rounds fired, no empty brass.

Includes Vest Guy accessories (pictures of the following, by eMail)
a) Prepper Vest (sz. Medium) w/ PS-90 sling system (carries 4 mags, radios, etc.)
b) Summer harness w/ sling points,
c) 3 mag pouch (shoulder slung),
Includes mounted Daniel Defense Aux. rails (x2) and the FNH brass "sock" (collects empties)

S&H w/ insurance included. Ammo shipped separately (and insured). Payment by USPS money order(s) only.
My FFL requires a current copy of the your dealer's FFL license to ship.

Life happens, so the complete package offered at $2,145.00 with "some" wiggle room. No box, no manual.

Happy to answer questions by PM or eMail to orion (at) wildblue (dot) net.
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