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PS 90 Trigger packs

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I was told by someone that FN changed the trigger pack on the later PS90 and was wondering why they did it and when.

Thanks Ed
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read the pages and you will find the answer. 8)
MX-5 said:
read the pages and you will find the answer. 08)
I've read all 4 pages yet again.
Please show me where there is a serial number or manufacture date change for the packs?

4 pages of banter ends with 'we don't know. we've not seen a changed pack'.
As said there are none (as in ser # and dates) as the trigger pack was never changed on the PS90 but was changed on the FS2000 and this is where everyone is confusing the issue from some internet rumor. So don't worry about your trigger pack as all is fine. :?
:twisted: Just think who bad this could get if someone where to photoshop a trigger pack :twisted: :evil: :x :eek:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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