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PS90 accuracy

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According to The American Rifleman, they were getting about 2.5" 5-shot groups at 50 yd. That sounds pretty bad! :(

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My latest AAR showed I was getting about 2" 10-15+ shot groups at 25 yd from a sandbag rest (NOT on the barrel, LOL) using the MC-10-80, and 4.75"-5" 10-15+ shot groups at 50 yd in the same conditions, all using SS195.

Personally, I think the biggest problem is the MC-10-80 as it is extremely difficult to get a consistent point of aim each time unless the light, literally, hits the front fiber optic collector in the right position to illuminate the circle/dot reticle enough to contrast with paper targets.

Another person on AR15.com (Scool) was getting decent sized 10-20 shot groups at 25 yd using a Bushnell Holosight, which reinforces the view that the MC-10-80 is the source of "accuracy" problems.

The people that proclaim the MC-10-80 is perfect and there's nothing wrong with it, are either liars speaking from anecdotal 2nd or 3rd hand experience or shot their PS90 in a place where the light struck the MC-10-80 perfectly, or had the so-called "revised" reflex sights. After numerous calls to FNH, it's clear that they're not going to do anything for the early reflex sights so my MC-10-80 is coming off as soon as possible. Ring Sights also declined to comment about their reflex sights.
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Wow, even with an EOTech you were getting 10" groups at 100 yd?
Did you shoot any more 5-shot or 10-shot groups? 3-shot groups don't tell the whole story.
RiverRat said:
I get a kick out of people concerned about the accuracy of the PS90 out 50 to 100 meters. It's like buying a Mini Cooper and being upset because it won't launch off the line and cross the 1/4 mile marker in twelve seconds. If you want that buy a super car. If you want accuracy buy a main battle rifle. :D
FNH advertises a 200m effective range for the 10" barreled P90 shooting SS192.

I suppose most of us with the 16" barreled PS90 are just trying to see what it can do at 50m-100m with SS195LF. The limiting factor is the stock reflex sight, IMHO. The low-light reticle was the only thing I could see under the high noon sun, which had a HUGE gap in the center at the 100m range. The USG sight would be better with its black etched daylight reticle with the 1 MOA center dot.

A better analogy is that you bought a sports car advertised to do 0-60 in under 5 seconds and runs low to mid 13s on the 1/4 mile, and are now trying to match those times at the track. I don't see the flaw in this at all.

The PS90's longer rifled barrel should boost the muzzle velocity, theoretically allowing less of a drop at longer distances using the SS195LF cartridge.

Almost any pissant firearm can hit 25m and 50m targets with decent precision.
The trigger's pretty bad on my PS90. It's like firing a super soaker.
I've had the PS90 for almost 2 years now and have tried everything with regards to using the trigger. It works FINE for a PDW, but the trigger feels like a Super Soaker to me.

I have inexpensive out of the box RRA 2-stage "NM" triggers on my AR15s and a Tapco single-stage on the AK. Either one are significantly better than the PS90 trigger. Even my Glock with a NY1 olive drab trigger spring + 3.5lb connector feels better. With practice it gets easier on the PS90, but I just wouldn't go around saying it is an awesome trigger.
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