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PS90 accuracy

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According to The American Rifleman, they were getting about 2.5" 5-shot groups at 50 yd. That sounds pretty bad! :(

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The last time I was shooting I got a 4 inch group sitting at 50 yards. And a 1.3 inch group resting on the hood of a car at 75 yards.
I only did one group at each range increment- we were testing for drop, not accuracy. (ss195)

I shoot competitively and am not pleased with the groups. I must blame the long travel and heavy pull of the trigger. The nice group I shot from the hood of the car leads me to believe that the PS90/ ss195 combo is actually quite consistent.

Tomorrow I'm going to go out and try our modified trigger.

Re: I read it and it sounds odd to me

Davis said:
I have found that I get more accurate shots if I line up the tartget then pull the trigger about 1/2 way and then hold still stop breathing and pull the rest of the way.
I found myself starting the shot with the trigger half pulled as well.
I did a little shooting yesterday with my lightened trigger pull. I shoot sub 1" 3-shot groups @ 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards. SS195, EoTech. I was resting over the hood of a jeep, I shot all the groups in succession with one or two breaths between shoots.
With a zero at 50 yards I hit
-2.25" @ 25 yards
0 @50
+2.75 @ 75
+5.5 @ 100
I did some five-shot groups @ 100 yards, allowing myself less than a second per shot, these groups were mostly 2" wide x 5" high.
is your 10" a typo?
I haven't shot my PS90 since the above post. Next time I'll try a ten shot group at 100 yards, just for you.
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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