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PS90 accuracy

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According to The American Rifleman, they were getting about 2.5" 5-shot groups at 50 yd. That sounds pretty bad! :(

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GlockandRoll said:
I wound worry about that, it's nearly the same wound potential as a .22mag.. . at least that is what PS90 shooters I know tell me as the cant get the real ammo the gun was designed for.
I just read a magazine article this evening with a review of the round and the 2 guns that shoot it. It showed stats that put it in the 9mm damage range.

Go here for my mini comment on the article, along with the name of the magazine if U wanna read it yourself.

Well, I almost bought an AR, but went with this. I do not regret it at all. Quieter. More ergonomic. Easier to clean and take apart. This is my 1st rifle. I never held one that I cared for. And, I am right handed but left eye dominate. The high eotech is great for me using my left eye.

Since buying it, however, it has ignited my interests in rifles. I've also found that while I love using my left eye for close distances. My right eye actually sees better at a further distance. So, at 50 yards and beyond, I'm still using the right eye. So, because of that, I kinda want an AR now. Still haven't decided if I will, because I'll have to sell 1, or 2 pistols, depending on which AR I would get.

But, the PS90 is my dream rifle. I have it set up like I want. And, while the short barrel does look kewl, I pick up more velocity with the longer barrel. And, after what I read tonight, I'm not really worried about the ammo wounding potential (I might have been if I had a 5-7 pistol).

If I can get my hands on more 195, I may switch over to that, and make the minor sight in adjustments I might need to (I've used 197 exclusively so far). The 195 is sufficient for what I want the gun for. I have no plans to shoot past 100 yards, and 90% of my shots are at 50 yards because 100 is just to damn far to see w/o magnification.
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Actually, I want a quadrail setup. I'm looking at either a RRA or what I really want is the S&W TAC AR. It has folding front and rear sights, and the rail setup I really want. Saw several comments on it on the AR15 forum. Everyone likes them. And, U can't put the rifle together for the price U can get it for ($1200, if U look really hard).

To buy that one, I'd have to sell 2 guns, however. Not sure what I will do. I've floundered on it several times just over the past week. I wonder if I should bother, as the PS90 is set up just like I want. And, I've held many Ars (including the S&W one I want), and nothing is as ergonomic to me as the PS90. I can live w/ selling my USPc, I suppose, and getting a RRA by the end of the year. Not sure I wanna sell my Glock 34 too, to buy the S&W one.

I don't know....
Well, there are cheaper ways. But, I don't wanna assemble anything. For a first AR - I've done a lot of reading, and unless U buy an upper and lower (already assembled w/ the small parts), trying to build an AR from scratch for a newby isn't always a great idea.

I'm still considering things in my mind right now. I'm shooting my Glock 34 again tomorrow, and then will maybe decide what I wanna do.

Thanks for the help, though.
General_Mayhem said:
Magazineparts.com has a quad rail setup for the PS90: http://www.magazineparts.com/productDisplay.php?id=QR. Not cheap though.
Yes, that rail is too expensive for me.

Not sure if U noticed - but our sponsor is working on a cheaper version:


I like my side rails, though. I've pretty much got my gun setup finalized. Now that I ordered my 5th mag, stacking up the ammo is all I got planned next for my PS90.
Well, have U seen that ballistic table at Wikipedia? Depending on which ammo type U are using, it shows how the bullet elevation changes at different distances, depending on where it is zeroed.
Sounds like you have pretty steady hands.

I shoot on sandbags at that distance. My hands aren't very steady.
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