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ps90 barrel block

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Can anyone recommend a barrel block to use to remove the ps90 barrel?
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You don't need a barrel block to remove the barrel. If it's going to be cut and threaded a hacksaw is the tool of choice. See the barrel removal stickie.
I heard the shroud may not break free. I was planning on saw zawing off the muzzle, if i clamp the barrel in my bench vise or say a pipe wrench, will it damage the barrel under the shroud when trying to break the barrel free?
Ahhh, no. Have to hold it steady, in order to keep the blade from binding. Move the barrel or move the blade, can't do both.

Oh, and the thirty minutes includes the time for me having to find the new blade (5 minutes), and changing it(one minute).
I am figuring on clamping the barrel in my vise and using my sawzall.. bad idea?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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