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So im about to get a PS90 (SPF on the AR15.com equipment exchange) tri rail model, and i want to get a case for it. I saw some people using pelican cases so i thought i might do that.

Saying that I need dimensions for a field disassembled PS90 (Top half barrel + receiver) and (stock). I need the lengths, widths and heights of both halves separately. Im gonna be dropping my eotech 511 on their, so if anyone has one on their rig, if you can incorporate that into the measurements that would be appreciated. I also need measurements for the mags as well, if thats not too much trouble for you guys.

What i plan on doing is getting a case large enough that i can drop the two halves in vertically (standing up, not laying down) , so i can fit more stuff in the case (6 or so mags.)

thanks in advance guys.
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