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PS90 for $2200???

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So I was in the local gun shop today looking at a PS90 and the gentleman at the store quoted me a price of $2200. I said something to the effect of thats pretty steep and he came down to $2000, but I've seen them online for $1700. What gives has anyone else ran into shops high balling them like this?
Also he told me if I wanted it I should buy it now because the ones shipping from FN now come with no sight whatsoever. I really wanted to tell him not to try and sale the salesman but I figured I'd ask here first.

Thanks, Dave
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Also I have to ask, Was it a white or black sight?
Well if your referring to the retical I couldn't tell you, I couldn't see one at all it was just like looking though a tube.
I'll go buy one and sell it to you for $2200! :x :x
Ha! Thanks for the offer but Ill have to pass. :-D

As to the sight it was made of aluminum for sure, I remember looking at it because it had a lot of casting marks on it. Should I have been able to see a retical in there?
Like I said though I could not see any retical at all it was just a tube, no magnification, no retical nothing.
Ha, well its been awhile but my up close vision is pretty good. BTW the gun shop was Hyatts in Charlotte if your familiar with it.
Ok now I really think that someone replaced the sight on the one I was looking at. The sight I saw was cast aluminum, it had a lot of casting marks on it and it look like it was painted. The black sight in that pic looks to be machined and I'm pretty sure that is black oxide coating not paint.
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