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PS90 for $2200???

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So I was in the local gun shop today looking at a PS90 and the gentleman at the store quoted me a price of $2200. I said something to the effect of thats pretty steep and he came down to $2000, but I've seen them online for $1700. What gives has anyone else ran into shops high balling them like this?
Also he told me if I wanted it I should buy it now because the ones shipping from FN now come with no sight whatsoever. I really wanted to tell him not to try and sale the salesman but I figured I'd ask here first.

Thanks, Dave
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That is a huge rip off, as is the story he is telling you.
I have seen Gander Mountain selling one for $2100 last Spring. That was highway robbery.
JustDave said:
Ha! Thanks for the offer but Ill have to pass. :-D

As to the sight it was made of aluminum for sure, I remember looking at it because it had a lot of casting marks on it. Should I have been able to see a retical in there?
If it was aluminum, then it was the black ringed reticle. Better than the white ringed version. But still not worth $2200 :x
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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