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PS90 mag failure

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This is a range mag. It is a factory 50 rounder. I store it empty (house mags are stored fully loaded). It has seen fewer than 500 rounds.

Sunday, on the first loading at 6 rounds in, one of the plasic half moon parts popped out.

It looks like it is only held in by 2 tiny dabs of superglue.

Anyone have any advice on how to put it back together so it never happens again. Model cement, superglue, gorilla glue, JB Weld,...

I had the only PS90 at the range and it did look like a toy when it fell apart. Had to start pounding the hill with an FAL to compensate and salvage some FN pride.
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I'd contact Bob Ailes at FN USA. He can send you a 10 rd replacement. Since you can own a high cap mag, you can change it into a 50 rounder.
If you try to fix it... use a high strength epoxy. :?
I thought the 10rd mags were designed so they couldn't be changed to 50rds like the 30rd mag can. Am I mistaken???
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