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PS90 mag failure

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This is a range mag. It is a factory 50 rounder. I store it empty (house mags are stored fully loaded). It has seen fewer than 500 rounds.

Sunday, on the first loading at 6 rounds in, one of the plasic half moon parts popped out.

It looks like it is only held in by 2 tiny dabs of superglue.

Anyone have any advice on how to put it back together so it never happens again. Model cement, superglue, gorilla glue, JB Weld,...

I had the only PS90 at the range and it did look like a toy when it fell apart. Had to start pounding the hill with an FAL to compensate and salvage some FN pride.
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No - contact FN and see if they will replace it.

Don't try to fix it. Be aware that the FN rep here has stated that one should not let the rounds drag the feed lips when loading, as that can accellerate wear.
They aren't supposed to be - but someone here managed to crack one open and alter it anyway - I saw a post about it a week or two back.
Yes, get the new mag. I wouldn't trust it if I tried to glue it myself.

Also - read this from the Oct Q&A from FN:

5. What is the life expectancy of a PS90 magazine.(How many rounds can fired through it)? It depends on how you load it. If you drag the round against the feed lips as you insert it, it will shorten the life span. Always push the round down all the way before you push it back.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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