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FNH PS90 Magazine's are translucent brown in color.

Link below shows FNH part numbers, picture is not a true representation of actual color.

FNH USA - Distinct Advantage :: 5.7x28mm Magazine

ProMag PS90 Magazine's are clear.


AR57 PS90 Magazine's come in a couple variations. Same brown as FNH, translucent black, and black. They only show what they have in stock in the link below. These mags are made in Korea. No reports of issues, as quality seems to be good.


ATI was first to import Korean made PS90 mags, but no longer do. Mags were translucent brown. Few reports of plastic flashing inside the mag, caused rounds to hang up, causing fail to feed.


Also another Korean company, KCI had mags, cannot find any info about them. They could be the main manufacturer for ATI and AR57.
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