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so i have a mod plan for the sights on my PS, and i have a VERY competant gunsmith. here is the hiccup....he is unsure about the metal make-up of the reciever, and really doesnt want to use the serialized part of a $1500+ gun as a guinea pig.

so, to anyone who has messed with it:

1- what is it made out of?
2- did you do any welding on it? if so, what kinda rod did you use (assuming it was TIG'd)?
3- any issues after the fact?

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Sorry for the late reply. As Ship eluded - I only drop in once in a while.

The receiver is made from a good quality aluminum casting. It is fairly dense despite being a poured mold. It takes anodizing well, but it does not reach as nice and deep anodizing like a bar stock would.

It can be surface hard anodized well. It can also be welded with T6065 aluminum rods. Make sure that you preheat the receiver well and use gas - otherwise you will get spray and bubbles.


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