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PS90 SBR ran through a rifle course part 1

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So first off, a little about me. I make my living in the tech world but I also teach shooting courses for a nationally renowned shooting instructor when he travels through WA state. Two weekends ago, we taught a “patrol rifle” class. I normally shoot an AR15 with a short barrel and a permanently mounted suppressor (predates SBRs in WA) or a Steyr Aug A3. Its usually a “carry a lot, shoot a little” type of thing, so I thought I would try something lighter (we usually demo the drills but typically only shoot 3-500 rounds over the course). I opted to use my newly SBR’d Ps90 and have some pretty interesting learnings that I thought I might share. My PS90 is set up the following way:

  1. Barrel cut by TROS USA
  2. Aimpoint Patrol in TROS mount.
  3. Urban Sentry P90 sling (run as two point).
  4. Bullpup armory 9 slot w/qd attachment rail on the right side of the weapon
  5. FN brass catcher
  6. 10 FN factory 50 round magazines.
  7. SWR Spectre Suppressor.


The work done by TROS was first rate. Quick turn-around time and good communication. The Aimpoint Patrol fits nicely in the mount — higher than I would like but doable. The Urban sling works well, once you get the thing installed. I’d prefer the rear mounting buckle to be further back on the stock, to keep it sucked into the body but it appears to be the best option going. The Bullpup armory rail is a head scratcher… the rail seems to require the socket to be mounted on the end facing the barrel. This makes mounting a light pretty hard, so I used an extra piece of mounting hardware to mount the sling swivel on the back of the rail. A Streamlight HD pistol light was mounted to the front of the rail. The FN brass catcher is super cool. Small but still holds plenty of rounds and isn’t a pain like a brass catcher on an AR. IT does prevent access to the action if there was a stoppage, so I won’t mount it for “duty” but for training it is a great way to save brass. FN mags worked as expected. The SWR Spectre is excellent. I lost my disassembly tool and they sent me one in 2 days for free. Can’t speak highly enough about them.
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welcome, thanks for the write up and nice first post...got a picture? I love my PS90 SBR's for the reason you say, light and lots of ammo is easy to carry! Great shooting platform, easy follow up shots and well balanced!
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