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Is there any rhyme or reason to the various sights being sold on the PS-90? I see all these listed above, and then visit the local gun shop and the only PS-90 they have has the rail and no optics at all. Then I visit the local military PX and buy one and it comes without a rail but a red dot sight. Are these all different year group guns? Different series? or??
They are all just different selections you can get your PS90 in.
Just like car trims and packages; they allow the ability for FNH to offer a much wider variety of choices for off-the-shelf PS90 variants.

I bought mine with just the rail with 3rd iron sight (peep sight in the rail) and no optics. This was find for me because I could pick and choose the optics I wanted instead of having been stuck with one of the stock optics I might not have wanted.
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