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Feel free to check out the thread where I wrote up the SWR Spectre suppressor I picked up for use on my PS90 among others.

(p.s. the suppressor is with fully sonic ammo, not subsonics, which I need to get still)

One thing I would really consider is what other guns you might want to shoot with your suppressor. If you already have a 5.56 that you would want to use the G5 on, then by all means, stretch your buying dollar and get that.

If you do not already have a .22 suppressor, the Spectre is great as you can shoot .17hmr or .17Mach2, .22LR and .22mag, and 5.7x28. I guarantee that you will end up using a suppressed .22 more than any other, just due to the cost of ammo.

If you can, go listen to some suppressors, many people are suprised at the sound after being trained by hollywood for so long that they are nearly silent.

Also, find a good C3 dealer to help you. Let us know if you need some recommendations.


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