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G'day all,
greetings from Australia! I've taken a liking to the PSR 1 , 20"Bbl,with the floorplate # 62104. First saw it on the FN USA site about two weeks back . I looked at the site again a couple of days ago and noticed a few things had changed .

1) the rifle pictured has a 22" tube , which also looks like a slimmer profile than before . but I see they still list the 20" model.

2) The stock appears to have a narrower forend ( The previous picture looked as though it had a McMillan GPHTG / M40A1 stock ) .

3) The rifle now has the 3 lever trigger instead of the old M70 type .

4) the FN item number has changed from 62104 to 75104 .

I'm not sure if the stock is narrower or just looks like it because of the photo angle . I've sent a couple of e mails to FN asking about any spec changes and recieved no reply . If anyone can tell me if there has been a change to the stocks or barrel profile , I'd be greatful .
Lastly , there is currently no FN distributor in Australia ( but we're working on that ) , can anyone suggest reputable people with export permits that my dealer can talk to in the U.S. ?

Thanks heaps !
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