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Q: FNS-40 yay or nay?

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I currently have an FNX-45 and love it. One of the things I like most is how the big, beefy slide really tames the recoil of the .45 ACP round. Plus, if you run out of ammo, you can just throw the pistol at somebody and do some serious damage!

I'm thinking about getting a .40 pistol. I was wondering about the FNS-40. Is the slide as big and heavy as the one on my .45?

how does it shoot? Is it nice and soft or is there a lot of muzzle flip?

How would you compare the FNS-40 to something like the M&P 40?
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I haven't shot the 40, but the slide is smaller than the FNX 45's. If it shoots anything like the 9, you'll be very impressed (recoil on the 9 is incredibly soft IMO, better than the Walther PPQ or M&P 9)
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