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Adosh said:
2. When do you expect to make replacement parts available to the public for the PS90 and F2000?

i really hope its not "sometime in the next year" again

im dyin over here, i need my spare parts with a pricetag on them

im contemplating fixing my fs2000 and selling it due to not being able to go to the local gunstore and buying what i need :-?
For whatever reason - FN doesn't want to do the spare part thing, at least not yet - a few months ago - it seems like they WERE selling a FEW parts for the FS2000. To my knowledge, they are selling no PS90 parts. However - CMMG is now selling parts. It seems that they have just started parting out a few guns to meet demand.

Call them and see if they might be willing to do the same for the FS2000s. However, have you called FN? Maybe what you need IS 1 of the few parts they are willing to sell.
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