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Quickies: FNX-40 slide on FNX-45 for 10mm Conversion?

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Just morbid curiousity while fondling my USP 10mm. On that platform, the slides interchange between the frames (the 9/40 slide on a 45 frame does produce somewhat of an "underbite" look, unless you're running a 9/40 Expert slide on a 45 frame).

Anyone with an FNX-40 and FNX-45 if the slides swap over? I researched that the magazine wells would obviously different dimensionally, but what about the width of the frames? A 40 cal slide would help with 10mm conversion since it would already have the correct breach face and extractor.

Thanks in advance to those who could throw some answers. Bonus points if you can throw dimensions at me too.
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I have all three FN-X models, 9, 40 and 45 T. I can sum this up quickly; There isn't a single dimension compatible between the 40 and the 45. The slide on the 45 is considerably wider and longer.
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