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While I contnue my search for a FS2000 OD, research has already begun on mods. I have an engineering background and have previously made design modifications for Toyota and Quickie Mobility, so my mind is always working. Some call it obsessing.

Barrel - since the barrel is 17.44", it exceeds my state minimum for length which is 16". However, the OAL needs to exceed 30" and I've been looking for new muzzle brakes to reduce recoil and extend the OAL. Well, as you all know, these 9/16x24 LH threads are unique to say the least.

Idea #1 - Contact a reputable muzzle brake manufacturer and ask for a 9/16x24 LH version. I'm a big fan of the Seekin's design, but I did not get a warm reception from them. Fortunately, the folks at YHM were more inclined to consider it and if they don't offer outright our thread option, they will consider a custom thread request for about $60 extra. I will keep the forum updated.

Idea #2 - I met a representative of Infinite Product Solutions yesterday at the Bakersfield stop of the Central Coast Gun Shows (CCGS). They make thread adapters for several applications. To help make the FS2000 more friendly to a wider variety of muzzle brakes, I asked them to make a 9/16x24 LH to 1/2x28 RH. They already have the tooling and need to work out the dimensions for the step down. I requested .223/5.56. He said it could take 3-4 months. Again, I will keep the forum updated.

Request for help - knowing the length of the barrel is reported by FN at 17.44":
1. Is the 17.44" to the end of the threads (muzzle tip), or to the shoulder of the threads?
2. What is the length of the threads?

3. On the factory brake, what is the length the extends beyond the shoulder of the threads?

This information will help us determine what muzzle brake length we need to extend the OAL of the rifle over 30". For those of you that don't need the 30" OAL, this will provide more options for brakes and other accessories without having to throw down big coin for suppressors. Please and thank you for your help and ideas on this project.
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