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Rail Became Extremely Loose!

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My buddies and I finally had a weekend we all could make a shoot together. Well, I shoot about 3 magazines out of my PS90. I was curious why on my last mag was so inaccurate. I thought I was going crazy. Sure enough I look at my PS90 and the entire rail is wobbling and loose. It's only the 2nd time I've shot the gun and I've only taken it apart twice and never touched the rails. I was shocked that the rail would do this and figured FN would send out a gun that was ready to shoot. Surprisingly too my Vortex Razor HD RDS mount was loosened also! Which I'm assuming rattled those loose from the rail being lose. The site has two allen screws(or bolts or whatever you call them) that attach to the mount and both were significantly loose. Even the screws that keep the stock in one piece were pretty loose.

Has this happened to anyone before? I'm just curious. I tried to google stuff and didn't come up with much info.

I figured all I need to do is throw some blue loctite on both of them and I should be good. When I tightened it after shooting my Zero became way off and I didn't have the sight tool for my RDS. Is there anything else I should do?

I also figured that I would share this experience so people are aware that they may want to loctite the rail before zeroing your PS90. Or at least be aware that the rail can come loose!
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I wouldn't put loctite on the screws as the bushings and screw depth controls where the point of aim is. Just sight in the bushings then tighten the screws till they are snug. I have not had a issue with my screws backing off
I have had WAY too many problems with my front screw on the optic coming out. Put blue loctite on it... Might have been a mistake because taking it out was way hard. Cleaned off some of the residue and tightened back on. Doesn't come out now, isn't to hard to take out. Probably put on too much.
Blue locktite should fix that. :?
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