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I've been looking for covers that fit the picatinny rail on the new monolith fore end. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been. I don't like to trim and 'wittle' if I don't have too.
Well, I came up with a winner. The ones I found that work like a charm are by 'UTG' . I've seen these on ebay and on various sites around the net and did some scouting around also.
We had a gun show this weekend and one vendor had these and several others, I've seen around.
Well, to get down to it , I tried them all and....the small UTG's work for everything...one does the under rail and two do one of the siderails. They fit perfectly, and slip on and off with no effort, but stay tight when shooting!
Hope this save some of you a little time and trouble! :grin:
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