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When I finely got my weapon I immediately went to the range...

I have a post Called "What ammo NOT to buy?" After reading everyone recommendation on what ammo to get, I decided to do the opposite to find out what kind of weapon I just purchased. I bought the cheapest dirtiest ammo they had....put 100 rounds down range. I was so impressed on how it handled, how it cycled, and how it ejected the spent casing. I have shot many a hand gun of different brands, and calibers. I have to say this FNX is by far the best weapon (IMO) I have ever shot. For the weight of this weapon I was expecting a bigger kick like my XD .45. I had zero issues with FTF, FTE, FTC. This weapon out of the box shot in the red flawlessly!!! I haven't had this much fun in a long time shooting a handgun. Its definitely my "Sports car" of hand guns that I own.

I do want to thank everyone involved with their comments, suggestions and the "welcome to the forum". I am looking forward to more interaction with the group here.

Thank you all again!!!!

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