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Below is an accurate load you guys may want to look at (take all precautions when using this load data please) that has provided very tight groups out of the SCAR 17. I think I can get a couple hundred more fps but this load seems to shoot the best out of my barrel. I am still going to do some more tweaking on the load as I think I can get this one down to a single digit SD and get 1/2 MOA from a 10 shot group off the ground (bipod and rear bag)......

Bullet: Hornady 155 AMAX
Powder: 43.0 grains of IMR 8208 XBR
Primer: WLR
Case: Winchester
COAL: 2.80"
Neck tension: no crimp....just kiss the neck with a LFCD
Case prep: Cleaned, full length resized, demurred and chamfered
AVG: 2655 fps
ES 41 fps
SD 13 fps
No pressure signs at all!

10 shot group off a bipod with a rear bag (in the back of my truck....load should be better shooting from the ground)
Group is just about 1" from side to side....1.125" with the flyer which was definitely me......

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Ill post some more info once I have finalized the load
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