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Raven Concealment Phantom Light Compatible Holster for the Glock 17 with Surefire x300 attached.

All I can say is WOW.....First of all, I changed my order twice - GREAT communication from Jay and both times said changing the order was "no problem" and "no trouble".

It was supposed to take around thirty days to ship out - it took 16.

It arrived and the first thing I noticed was how tight it held the gun in place - with no movement, and how thin the overall profile was -

I put the holster on and was impressed at how tight it held the gun to my body.

I threw a polo on over the rig and liked how it didn't hang low, it was basically invisible, and I haven't even tried the IWB overhooks out yet.

I got in the car and took a 2hr drive - I never knew concealing a fullsize pistol with a weapon mounted light could be this comfortable WHILE SITTING.

Another feature is being able to get a full grip on the pistol. This is very important, as I carry my child with my left arm while in public.

The holster comes with a lifetime warranty as outlined on their website:

"Our products are made in the USA, by Americans. They are constructed of the highest quality materials, and are meticulously fitted, assembled, and finished. Because of this rigorous attention to detail, we proudly cover everything we make with an unconditional lifetime guarantee."
- ravenconcealment.com

I placed my order through themalabarfront.com and couldn't be any happier.

I've tried many holsters from the likes of Bladetech, Comptac, Galco, Kramer, Fobus, Uncle Mikes, Blackhawk the list goes on.....And I can emphatically say Raven Concealment has got them all beat!

**Local Gunshop Reaction**

I went into my local gunshop today to get some XS Big Dot night sights put on my g17 (another positive, the XS big dots ARE compatible with the holster), when I drew the gun/light from the holster eyes instantly were attracted to the new rig. Needless to say I happened to have Raven Concealment's business card 'stolen' - I'll have to get some more!

**If you want more pictures or have questions feel free to send me a private message**
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