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Couple of questions...

Has anyone used the RCBS Flash Hole Deburring Tools in the .30 cal and .22 cal sizes at a cost of $14.99 each? Do they offer any advantage over a proper size drill bit?

Also the Hornady Lock N Load Deluxe Control Panel. Basically it is a panel that counts the rounds cycled (required mod of the primer slide), has an alarm for low primers, an alarm for low powder, and a lock out die with alarm for under/over charges. A really really annoying alarm some say. On sale right now for about $177 compared to around $210 normally. Has anyone bought one and what do you think of it? Good value or just an unnecessary add on to separate you from your money? Does it have any real application value to a normal reloader that pays attention to what is going on?

I already have a lock out die (I actually prefer the RCBS one over Hornady - I tried both) and wonder for those with the various alarms on their progressives (Dillon, RCBS, Hornady, Lee), whether you think that it is/was worth it. I am usually pretty anal about watching and counting so I am having a hard time wrapping my head around a $200 item that from what I have seen, is basically a few switches hooked to a doorbell or alarm to set it off when the particular item it is monitoring gets low. There are visual cue's like a line on the primer follower that tells you when you get to 5 or 3 primers left, visual inspection of the powder hopper as it is right in front of you, counting??? do you really count every round as it is being made or do you wait until after you are done? I usually know exactly how many wounds I am going to load before I start. Opinions? Helpful or just a feel good/look good - hey fellas, check this out sort of thing?
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