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I keep seeing the CT confiscation letter all over the Internet. Seems they are backpedaling a bit on that now:

Is Gun Confiscation on the Way in Connecticut? Owners of Newly ?Illegal? Firearms May Soon Start Receiving Notices (UPDATED) | TheBlaze.com

UPDATE: A spokesperson with the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection told TheBlaze that a letter has been drafted to send to gun owners who are found to be in possession of unregistered semi-automatic rifles deemed illegal by the state’s new gun control law. However, “not a one” letter has been sent out so far.

The spokesperson, who didn’t want to identify herself, refused to comment on the content of the draft letter. When we asked what other action the state plans to take against owners of unregistered so-called “assault rifles, the spokesperson said we should contact the governor’s office because that’s where they get their orders from.

It’s not clear if the letter published by the Capitalism Institute is authentic, though we can confirm a draft letter does exist.
I was alerted to it in this video, which present a good viewpoint on why it could possibly be important for us that this letter is sent out:

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