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recoil spring life?

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Anyone have an idea how long a stock spring will last? 6000 rounds? 12000? 20000?

my 1911 is a ***** with springs, I have about 4500 rounds through it and notice a ton of slop already. Read they should be swapped out at 5000 or 7000.

My ruger's have well over 8000 rounds with no problems, just really loose. But not problems

I would assume this spring is like glock spring, which it is..should never need to be replaced?
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If your mag springs work, U should never need to replace them. Some people have had issues with FNP mag springs failing to lock the slide back.

HK mags are somewhat famous for this. ALL of my HK mags had to have WOlf springs put into them.

As for the recoil spring - other semi-autos recommend changes at the 5k mark. If I had an FNP w/ 5k thru it, I'd probably get a new recoil spring.
Yes - WOlf doesn't sell these yet.

They don't sell P99 mag sporings either. However, the mags are made by Mecgar, and are shaped exactly like Beretta 92 Mags - except for the hole for the mag release, obviously.

Someone gave me some OLD, OLD, OLD P99 10-round magazines for free a while back. They worked, but didn't lock the slide back anymore. I replaced them with two Beretta mag springs. Works perfect now.

Anyway - maybe FN will start selling springs, or U can find something similar to work.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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