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Rego Systems rail review

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I was building an Imperial 17 pistol and wanted a short rail to cover the gas block.
The barrel is only 10 1/2", so most rails were not applicable to my build.
I also wanted sleek, because I'm not throwing a bunch of accessories on this build.
The intro by Rego Systems (Brett) caught my eye and I figured ithe SMR-9 looked promising.
Ordering online from their website was quick and easy. The product shipped within a day and arrived promptly.
First impression was = Wow, this is light
The machining is top notch with no finish flaws noted. It included all hardware for a slick side installation.
I watched their install video and the installation went smoothly and easily..
I really liked the extra machined side rail block which eliminates the nuts under the side panels and adds rigidity to the receiver.
After a bunch of handling, I was kicking myself for not ordering the side rail panels. It was TOO small for my hand as a slick side.
I just happened to have a set of PMM REP and adding those definitely got me in the grip area I needed (for my size hand and grip comfort)..
Next chapter:
I bought a used black Belgian 16 as a parts gun.
When it showed up, it was nice enough I couldn't strip it :)
It turned into a 14" P&W lightweight build
Gee, the Rego SMR-13 would be great on this.
After PMing Brett, we agreed it would work.
This time I ordered 2 sets of their optional side rails.
Once again, after ordering online, shipping was fast even over the weekend.
Again, everything was perfect and packaged well.
Installation was even easier the second time.
The length was perfect for my application and the side rails gave me the little extra width I needed.
I replaced the PMM REP on the I17 pistol. They worked perfectly, but I have another home for them.
In conclusion, I really like these rails= solid, light, easy install, great CS.
I will most definitely consider these for any other projects down the line.
Full disclosure= I received no discount or other special treatment during this process.
After ordering the second rail, I did receive some SWAG :)
First pic is te Imperial 17 and the second is the 14" Belgian 16, but I think you could figure that out.

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^ ditto

cant wait to finish up my 17 pistol project.
may have to try a rail on my other 17
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