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Reloading using RL-15 powder and 168g bullets / Most accurate loads

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I've searched the forum and haven't been able to find information on anyone's reloading data using RL-15 powder and 168g bullets. Anybody? My 17s loves Varget, but I haven't found any in northern Colorado for the last two years. So I just bought a bunch of RL-15 because Sportsmans Warehouse seems to stock it regularly... And they had some today. :(!):
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42.0gr of RL 15, Sierra 168grBTHP, uniformed primer pocket, flash hole cleaned up, VLD chamfered case mouth, Hornady Match case or Fed GMM case, Redding competition bullet seating die, 2.800 length, for my semi autos I also use a Lee factory crimp die with a faint bullet crimp.

This is just my setup for RL 15 powder, been using more IMR 4064 and Varget lately.
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Thanks! This is your load for your scar 17s correct? Also, was there a reason you moved away from the RL-15? Was it just availability or the fact that it's extruded powder? Oh, also what was your case length trimmed to?

Thanks in advance!
It's not a specific load for my SCAR17 but it is the load for that powder I have found to group the best in all my semi-auto rifles.
Main reason is that, availability, Varget and IMR 4064 is readily available here and I have come up with a recipe that groups equally as well.
Case trim length I do to 2.000
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